Temacula Rod Run 2011

It is always this crowded... just because you don't see people blocking the cars in my photos, doesn't mean they weren't there, it means I waited for them to get out of the way every time I saw something cool

First 68 Hurst Olds I've seen. I think it's a Hurst, not an Olds even though their name is on the back bumper. That is what happens when Olds wasn't allowed to build them, but sold bodies to Hurst to get the awesomeness produced. Small sacrifice that got things in motion to arrange a long lasting partnership between Hurst and Olds

Bitchin that the aftermarket tach fits perfectly in the factory gauge hole

Cool hood scoop, but it's funny that they used a hammer to prop the hood open

McCulloch supercharger

Looks like the size and design of a garbage can lid

For sale for 3500

Photographed this at the GNRS, but didn't notice the Jack Daniels button on the oil fill cover

First time I've ever seen this hood scoop ... it's a Ford or Merc

Love the lever switches on this Cord 812

I've never seen a side shade like this before, nice!

International Harvester

Great wagon made from a wheelbarrow

Don't know why the license plate says Nancy though

Only 16 thou in parts .. the rest is all labor. Of course, the owner used to build race cars, so something this simple was not a problem, and no he isn't selling it, but he gets offers all the time