wow, the sand of the wide open places


I'm still looking for a gallery of photos of this Bonneville record setting kombi VW microbus

Very cool photography style, different photographers, great musclecars

the Mustang photo came from but I didn't mark where I got the Challenger photo from

1930's? motorcycle soccer

I didn't record the source... sorry!

John Noonan broke the motorcycle speed record at El Mirage on his Hayabusa, 242 mph

thanks to Bruce from JBA for the photo! See the terrific gallery Bruce has on the JBA website

Chuck Yeager, American test pilot, American hero


Gotta be photoshopped, there's no way they'd take an F1 racecar onto a beach


Did they plow the snow with this Subaru?


the Bean Bandit Ford Mainline, #296 XF/PRO, because it doesn't wear pretty paint doesn't mean it isn't cool and fast. I love patina'd old race cars

The above shot had me recalling the pose that Snoopy strikes as his alter ego, Joe Cool

An unchopped belly tank, ready to go under the sawzall, and become a dry lake legend

Car club plaques on the back of one of Gene Winfield's race car

can someone tell me what causes highways and freeways to have designated "Safety Corridors" with traffic fines doubled?

I found lots of these in Arizona, and only have ever seen one here in California. I couldn't see any reason for these sections to have any difference from the mile before or after.

Are they just money makers? Double the fines, get cops to heavily patrol those areas, and rack up revenue from speeders?

Full speed on the dry lake bed at El Mirage in the attempt to break the record for fastest in their class

For another perspective and a terrific gallery of the race cars see extremeJBA gallery

A variety of cool looking stuff at El Mirage

Very plain fold out seats made into cool art by pinstriping and adding car emblems

A grease monkey, first depictive artwork I've seen of one