1 of 55 RO/WO factory drag race Coronet and Belvederes

Makes me say Damnit.

According to Galen Govier only 1 1966 S/S Coronet was built (WO21H6*******)and 50 S/S Belvedere's (RO21H6*******). In 1967 Chrysler switched to the hardtops, why who knows as they still built the Sedan cars for this year as well. Again, according to Galen Govier, 55 S/S Coronet 440's (WO23J7*******) with the Hemi were built and 55 S/S Belvedere's (RO23J7*******).

Functional hood scoop made from steel with and aluminum plate under it that seals it to the carbs. Prestolite electronic ignition mounted under the dash. 4.88 gears. 4 speed cars had slick shift trannys and a steel bellhousing. There is a post on the drivers side fender well that connects the lead from the trunk mounted battery to original battery cable. The cars were painted before the under hood battery tray was removed, so some paint is missing there. Cars were delivered with a set of headers and the aluminum carb to scoop tray in the trunk. It is reported that some cars had a heater, but this is not confirmed. Scheduled build date for all 110 cars is 2-12-67, that # is on all the data plates, even tho tha cars were not all actually assembled on that date

Super Stocks, as rare as they are, get a little publicity, but I can't recall a RO/WO getting any publicity via a magazine feature in years