Papa John's pizza founder finally located and bought back his '71 Camaro

Papa John's pizza founder John Schnatter publisized a search for his 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z28.

Schnatter sold the car in 1983 for $2,800 to help keep his family's then-struggling tavern afloat and to start his Louisville-based pizza empire. For their help in finding the car, the car's current owner, 165 miles away in Flatwooods, Ky., received $250,000, and the buyer Schnatter sold it to 26 years ago got $25,000.

The car will be displayed at the company headquarters in Louisville, replacing a replica Schnatter commissioned while he searched for his original car.

In honor of Schnatter's reunion with his beloved ride, Papa John's will offer a free pizza to all Camaro owners Wednesday. Pizza lovers must drive their Camaros to a Papa John's location for verification.

BMW superbike to be in San Diego Sept 3-5th 2009

They are going to make the best superbike in it's class, 193 HP @13,000 rpm.

There are 2 in the US right now according to Dave and one will be at the San Diego BMW Motorcycle on Sept 3-5th for a review read:

Terrific stuff from before the 1930's

1918 and most of those tires have snow chains
1920 Wash DC and a Stutz

1925 Semmes Motor Co

last of the Wash DC fire dept horses, 1925

above, 1926

Yellow Coach 719 1937 Greyhound bus

Great old train photos from Shorpy

1864 Nashville... wow, what a great photo full of engines

Above 1890 Mexico
Above and below 1891 Mexico

Demon from south of the border in LaMesa

I've never seen this gas cap before... is it the normal one for a Demon? I don't know, it wasn't on mine

Les's hauler has a new rider, a Panoz!

1911 Velie at LaMesa