Musclecar trivia

the 66 GTO holds the record for single year highest production with 96,946 made, and here is the odd thing. That was only 10 percent of Pontiac's sales that year. That is an example of how few real muscle cars were made.

The 409 engine was put into less that one percent of the cars it could have been ordered for in it's entire run.

the 1956 Chrysler 300B could have been optioned with a 6.17:1 axle

the 57 Nash Ambassador got the new 327, and in the light Rambler body was only 2nd to the Corvette int he zero to 60 time according to Motor Trend

in 1960 the Chrysler 300 could have been ordered with a french built 4 speed manual, but only 7 were ordered this way for the 300F

Goofy advertising nomenclature for car options in the 1961 Dodge D-500 Polara: Safe t Matic door locks, Hi Way Hi Fi record player (16 2/3rds rpm) and the Astrophonic radio, and the Mirromatic rear-view