Good slideshow of the Grand National Roadster show, 2007

If you get to La Mesa for the Thursday night car cruise, you may also want to check out their old locomotive

I bet it's for sale now! Ouch!

Just because you can doesn't mean you should (put a bumblebee stripe on the trunk)

Wins my best dressed engine award

Cool website of a German speedshop online magazine

on the way to being rusted past desireability

1965? Big damn 4x4 military comms transport

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Still a week until La Mesa's first car cruise night of the summer, but why wait?

check the "Dealership" plates.. huh?

Kinda neat that some places exist where you could drive away in a cool old Mustang

San Diego Car Clubs with websites

Alfa-Romeo Owners Club San Diego –
Austin-Healey Club of San Diego –
BMW Car Club of San Diego –
BMW Z Club, for all BMW Z cars –
Camaro Club of San Diego –
Classic Chevys of San Diego, for 1955-57 Chevys – clubs.
Heartbeat Classic Chevys, for 1955-1957 Chevys –
Corvette Owners Club of San Diego –
North County Corvette Club –
North Coast Vettes –
Cougar Club of San Diego –
Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego –
East County Cruisers –
Ferrari Owners Club, San Diego region –
Impala Club of San Diego, 1991-1996 –
Jensen Owners Club –
Model A Restorers Club of San Diego –
San Diego MG Club –
San Diego Miata Club –
West Coast Mini, –
San Diego Mustang Club –
Over the Hill Gang, San Diego, 1948 and earlier vehicles –
Packard Club –
Pontiac Club –
Southern California Shelby Club –
Studebaker Drivers Club –
SVT Owners' Association –
Triumph Sports Car Club –
Volvo Sports America, San Diego –
Z Club –

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Lambo Muira... very much in my top 5 sports cars ever

A custom dash to mearsure all others by

From archives I believe

Way cool hood

Gotta applaud the humor of Herbie still racing

Holden Efigy

Cool photos

That's power, just destroying that engine into little pieces

I want a Blizzard. Now how did that thought get into my head?

Oh baby!

Why did Ed Roth draw a Superbee, with a Dart grill?

Image via or

Some cars have disappeared: Maverick Grabber

Looks like a 71
The Ford Maverick Grabber was available as a trim package for the 1970 to 1975 model years. The 1970 Grabber can be identified by the rear spoiler, blacked out paint treatment, Grabber stripes and dual sport mirrors. From 1971 – 1975, Grabbers could be identified with 62D trim designation and 93 as the third and forth digit of the VIN. The 1971 – 1972 Grabbers were the only ones that had the Grabber hood.