bad credit car finance

New York 1941 soft drink vendor

Do you see how much of this photo would be missed if it were back and white?

Exact replica of a 'model T' Ford in stainless steel, near Skibereen

If I ever build a rat rod, this is what my open wheel fenders will be

They don't look right on a race car I suppose, but they'd be great on a rat rod

1928 England photos in Autochrome color

Hendon Middlesex
Trafalgar Square

the incredible garage photo of Jean Yves Lemoigne, ought to be titled the benevolent power of duct tape

Color photos of Russian agrarian culture before WW1

Tron on pennyfarthings (big wheels)

1920's and 30's color photos

 Experimental planes on Wright Field in Dayton Ohio
 these last two are photos from the 1927 Fair of the Iron Horse, the was staged by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad to celebrate its centenary.

track days are happy days

1917 Dort brochure was found among the things his grandparents kept, and "They Kept Everything" is his Tumblr

Before states charged car owners for registration and license plates, some cites got greedy and started their own vehicle tax and registration plates

this is just one of the interesting olf things that a guy has inherited from his families stuff... his grandparents kept everything, and when weeding out the junk from the interesting, he decided to make a website of the more interesting things, and do a bit of research to learn about the rare and unusual items.
browse through if you like historical interesting things"They Kept Everything"

train crashes

 Hard to imagine how hard these two hit... they look like they have no dividing line
Imagine the thought going through the retrieval team's minds... anything they do will drop it into the river

found on and they have more, these are just hte ones I found the most interesting

denim Vespa and tool display from Chris's website - Speedseekers (NSFW though, look at this only at home, and not in front of the wife on Wednesday... )

See more at

1989 commercial for Pringles, with Brad Pitt

found on

Edwardians in color

the 1948 Bowden Spacelander bicycle, made of fiberglass when it was a big fad, but less than a thousand were made, they were too expensive

The Spacelander is a marvel of postwar biomorphic design. Its curving lines and amoeba-like voids represent the mutation of the prewar streamlined style into a new expression based on organic, rather than machine-made, forms. “Britain Can Make It” exhibition in 1946. Conceived in aluminum, the dynamic form featured a direct drive hub dynamo that stored the downhill energy and released it on uphill runs. The originally prototype for the exhibit was hand-made by the MG Auto Company. Due to the expense of manufacture, the bike did not go into production until 1960, when Bomard Industries of Grand Haven, Michigan contracted with Bowden to create the finished product. The final design was produced in fiberglass and built-in headlight and taillights were added. Ultimately, Bomard Industries went of business and only 522 examples were ever produced.” and

According to a Yahoo Answer contributor:
Strangely, the Spacelander was designed about 1946 in aluminum but not placed into production until 1960, so if he has the original 1951 fiberglas prototype it's value is inestimable. A mint 1960 version has seen pricing in the $10,000 to $12,000 range.

The Spacelander, as you probably already know, was reproduced in the 1990s, and I think they are still available today, these can be had for less than a couple of thousand dollars.

this may be the one I just saw on TV last night on "It's Worth What?", as Case just took this photo in Burbank, and the sign shows that the bike is from the Vintage Cyclery of Pasadena. (Thanks Case!)

Editting my recommended blog list because some sites have folded and and Winding Road blog are gone. Winding road has a car review thing going on... who gives a damn? Every other car website has car reviews... just who needs every car made to be reviewed by every website, tv show, newspaper, and magazine? Did something happen when I was busy, and suddenly the car companies pay reviewers?

I'm not happy to see the great blog the Winding Road used to do, and the disappear, they were sites I really enjoyed going through

Overloaded might be accurate, or the reason why some countries have weigh stations

Thanks Randy!

2 dr 59 Caddy dying in the forest

Ken Block takes on Hollywood movie studio lots! Select 1080 res, and go full screen (Skip to minute 1:30, and it's over at minute 7)

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Some of the coolest dragsters, diggers, slingshots, and launches are found on what took me so long to look through it?

See more good photos and a video of the above Jade Warrior, a 1985 motorcycle... 2 wheels qualifies as a motorcycle;


 Looks like a real TV Batmobile at the dragstrip... I wonder if the smoke out the back was hot or cold?

Thses are all from 88 pages of just one album among about 4 dozen... so if I got you worked up to sit back and enjoy dragsters, get through the link, soak it up, and look into the dozens of other albums!