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I believe the above is a shot of Tommy Ivo's famous 4 engine show boat

but the art of Stphan Marjoram is terrific, found on http://theoldmotor.com/?p=19371

All via: http://zelastchancegaragedu78.blogspot.com/ check them out, they have cool stuff

Innovative and awesome, nothing gets me happier than to see unlimited genius making things work or look better

that torch ... bitchin!

The far out looking intake and exhaust were the results of hands on engineering progressively improving the 1/4 mile times of that big 'ol Plymouth

Can't recall his name, but I like his shoe sole bumpers

Via: http://burstsausages.com/

Another Enzo bites the dust, proof that rich people hate their cars

Via: http://burstsausages.com/ from Micheal Vincent's Flikr stream http://www.flickr.com/photos/29514508@N05/3418661259/

An iconic moment from Bullitt

Via: http://burstsausages.com/

THX 1138 cycle cops

Cool stuff from Ze Last Chance Garage

BMW plant 1923

John was catching some light under all four tires

When is the last time you saw advertising for a Nash?

Nice streamlining around the spreader bar

I'd love to see a full gallery about this racecar! It's the J. A. Preston “Cyclecar”.

What a beauty!

No idea why the rotary engine is flanked by elephant tusks.

Goofy 60's kooky kustom show cars. I dig the Woodlight headlights on the one below

All bent out of shape, and I doubt it landed on the rubber

What an idea, a scooter that is strong enough to pull a small teardrop

All via the cool variety posted on http://zelastchancegaragedu78.blogspot.com/

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I don't recall which tumbler I got this from

Charcoal burning generator powered truck

From the LIFE archives

interesting unusual vehicles on Friendship-classics Tumbler

1937 or '38 Hunt House car, also called the Turtle by some.
1971 Starstreak motorhome

Stikingly good looking taillight shot from Pieter Ameye