the 1953 Cadillac series 62, rebodied by Ghia and given to Rita Hayworth, by the richest man in the world at the time

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gorgeous car, Prince Aly Khan (Shia Muslim of the Ismailis) is said to have been the world's richest who gifted this to Rita, he was her 3rd husband and a Pakistan national, Orson Welles was her 2nd. She was married to Khan for 2 years before his affairs with other women forced her to file for divorce.

Her daughter is Princess Yasmin Aga Khan. Cool name. Khan immediately became engaged to Gene Tierney. Due to all the wrecked marriages, and I speculate the dishonor to his family, he was passed over for the Imam position that his family held for the past 1300 years, the only eldest son ever passed over, and his son, a Harvard student inherited from the grandfather.