Southwest College car show Phi Theta Kappa fundraiser

The owner of this Packard is a great guy, we talked for a while about this car, and one of the cool things about it is the way these instruments are lit. The are luminated by special lights so that the numbers glow. I can't recall what the method was that he told me, but somethign like blacklight, or UV

The buttons across the bottom of this chrome panel are easy to read if you click on the photo, and get the full size... but if you are only slightly curious... Cig Lite, Headlights, Inst Lite, Fog Lite, Map Lite, Clutch and Blower.... and I didn't see this when talking to the owner, but it has me wondering what the Clutch button is for.
Armrests at both ends of the back seat, and one in the center covered right now by the original optional seat cover
Elegant design of the seats
And Ultramatic Drive, a one year only designation and a very hard to find label
I like the red and black, it'd look great if he had it finish painted that way

A truck hood ornament

Probably not the original tools, but a good representation

great bug, talked to the owner for a while and learned quite a bit.
Great wicker shelf under the dash
The "B" sign is a city or country sign. Most all that can be found are Ds but this owner is innovative and reconfigured the D to this B, and used some great paint drying to have it appear weathered and old. D stands for Deutschland I think he said, and B for Belgium as a comment informs me

Nice hood scoop integration
I doubt anyone is using the rear doors to get in or out of this car, but they open in a most unusual way