Don't give your keys to morons, especially not your '67 Shelby Cobra keys...

Notice the wet roads, the repeated tire squeals, and obvious 'imbecile behind the wheel' clues, and yet the owner never went over and stopped the driver. Idiots all the way around.

Amusing story I heard on KGB

A dad gives his daughter a full size Mercedes, about 6 years old.

She comes home from school the next day complaining that her new gift is too "stodgy", not as cool as the Porche's and BMW's her classmates and friends drive.

Her dad mulls it over and asks her if she too has to ride in a $150,000 dollar vehicle to be cool, and hip.

She immmediately gushes yes, how cool dad is, etc etc. He tells her she'll be riding in one before class the next morning. She goes off incredibly happy.

Dad goes and buys her a bus pass.

Moral of the story? Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

W H Rodgers, Feb. 1941, Corpus Christi Texas

Only 30 years ago... do you have any old gas station price signs to share? email me at

1977, November 8th

Strange concept: unless you've owned an old VW, it'll be new to you

I just learned that pre-80's VW's used the spare tire in the luggage compartment to pressurize the windshield washer fluid. So did 75 Porche 914.

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1920's and 30's street scenes... via

1910 DeDion's... look at those solid rubber tires! And I believe that's the Arc de Triumph on the right hand side

1908 New York eviction

This would be a goldmine today, Milwaukee Wi. 1936 junkyard

Bev likes HumVees and Jaguars

Stereo, Speaker, and Audio Repair by Fred, I heavily recommend him!

Stereo Tech 3401 Adams Ave F.............................282-9101

On the South side of the road, across the street from Rosie O'Grady's..... it's 34th Street, a 6 store strip mall, Fred is in the last one farthest from Adam's Ave.

Audio Repair is the sign on the building front. Stereo Tech is the sign on the billboard at the parking lot entrance off Adams.

Burnout and race videos

Donuts and smoke, Challenger

Hemi Cuda, prostreet! 1/4 mile

Challenger sounding great and transforming the rear tires into smoke

A website of women who are muscle car owners and dig cars

Cop has the video recorder on, is is outrun... spanked really

Why 6 wheelers are better than 4 x 4's for 13 more pics, I like that it has roll bars AROUND the outside of the truck!

The latest on the Enzo wrecked in Malibu

For all the story and how it evolved:

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Why is it American cars are tested for exhaust limits, and crash tested for safety, but they aren't tested for fuel mileage? No, they are EPA Estimates you are given as to what the mileage MAY be. What a load of crap, the only thing I want to know accurately is the MPG... the rest of it doesn't matter.

I'd love to know your opinion:

Heritage Days of Natl City, Kimball Park

Heritage Days of Natl City, Kimball Park

Check out the "Zenith" updraft carb!

This almost had me believing someone restored the deteriorating Morris Minor 1000 on Coronado, but it ain't

National City's Heritage days, Kimball Park, annual car show

Cool bikes at Natl City Heritage Days, Aug 5

1951 DeSoto Surf Wagon! You'll never see another, or any close to this cool, see for your self at the Sept 15 Encinitas woodie show

Bought in 1994, incredible condition! I'm thrown by how new this car appears, 56 years of use and still appears less than 10 years old.

Original interior, that carpet... is hogs hair!

All the interior lights work too! Nice knee high passenger side light above

All the interior fabric is in terrific condition, and the lowest section is more of the hogs hair carpet.

How cool is this woodwork? The rear seats fold down to triple the trunk space, like a wagon.