Chris has posted the ultimate list of the top 20 car chase scenes (but is still open to ammending his list) to see his top 20

You can email him your opinions or list of your favorites at or

I haven't seen all of the movies that have these chases, but I have seen most and the variety of movies with a car chase is quite broad... from Sci Fi like the Matrix Reloaded, to old cop movies that were normal investigation style detectives like The French Connection... I can't remember any part of the story line of the French Connection, just Gene and that car chase scene, but Chris has the scoop on what was really going on with the chase scene, and I've never learned this stuff before, it's all news to me!

Bad Boys (Will Smith) had the best collection of muscle cars in a single scene, 70 Superbee, Firebird, Yenko Duece, 67? Chevelle, 76? Trans Am, and that was just until the gun fight.... the chase reconvened with the bad guys dropping cars off a transporter one at a time. Best scene is at the top of Chris' list

Watch the "Masters Touch" to see a 62 Savoy mistreated like no other