3 models of the Custer Car, tiny, simple, and pretty much a go cart / county fair bumper car

Notice how the first and second black and white photo are the same car as this color photo I took of a Coney Island bumper car, just a small bumper addition difference

I think I've posted all three of these photos (found on http://www.atomicantiques.com/) before but seperately, not realizing that they were Custer Cars

Levitt Custer was inventive, and 1st awarded a patent in 1912 at the age of 24, for his Statoscope which registered the rise and fall of an aircraft. Approved and preferred over the competition by the Army and Navy it was Levitt's financial and professional stepping stone into business and creative success.

Custer had been working out of the old barn behind his home until 1916, that's when he decided to start his own company and had a four-story brick building constructed, on the second floor became an oceanarium, on the fourth floor he made the first indoor miniature golf course.

About 1925, he'd developed the Custer Park Car as an as an amusement park ride, the car was battery-operated and since it could be used on any track, it was immediately popular with amusement park operators who realized they could capitalize on the national craze for amusement parks by converting any vacant lot into a Custer Car Speedway.
from: http://choosingscars.blogspot.com/2008/11/rare-historical-automotive-jem.html