1949 Diamond T pickup, Cliff was able to persuade all of his family that he would give granddad's Diamond T truck a great home

I'm astonished... I have never heard of a Diamond T pickup til now... it's great to still discover new vehicles I've never heard of

Cool crank front windows, only one gauge replaced, and they all work. I've never seen Diamond T gauges before, the Diamond T semi's I've come across all had Stewart Warner gauges I think

Cliff's granddad owned a lumber mill, and had these running boards helped out, plus the wood on the bed of the truck
Nice black stripe across the doors, makes the truck look great

The spare matches the tires on the truck, and they may be originals, or they may be a 1960's replacement set... pure speculation... but notice the spare still has the inventory paint mark on the top

These hub caps, I've never seen them before... and they are so rare, that when traveling cross country a cousin of Cliffs spotted one on a wall decorating a roadside restaurant, and called the granddad who told him to buy it at all costs!

If anyone knows where Cliff can find a fule tank for this truck, please send me an email jbohjkl@yahoo.com and I'll pass the info along to Cliff