I've wanted to get back to these cool cars for about a month... time sure slips away

1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sport Pininfarina Coupe
1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Zagato
1953 OSCA MT4 Frua Barchetta
1953 Fiat 8V Elaborata Zagato
1951 Ford Comete
1939 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS Pinin Farina
1936 Bugatti Type 57 SC Atalante
1935 Stout Scarab
1934 Voisin C28 Ambassade
1914 Simplex 9.5 litre Racer
1910 Corbin Vanderbilt Cup Racer

More to come, but it's getting late and tomorrow will be another long day at work.

Kinda cool community idea, woodies and surf as a symbol

Duct tape doesn't work, sorry to point out that some people didn't know

International Harvester... early 50's I think, very cool, but I can never catch the guy at home to talk to

Munster's Kustom Pinstriping impressed me with the variety of stuff they striped, it all looks cool!

4th annual King of Clubs car show and drags

One of the nicest simple engine photos I've taken
The coolest accessory I remember ever finding on a car, this is proof that rat rod owners are the most innovative and eclectic bunch to put cars together... look at rat rods to find interesting stuff, restored cars just have factory stuff, but rat rods have incredible build techniques, obscure aftermarket add ons, (in general) the best of whatever could be found to make a car better

Here I am hoping that one of these headlight photos is as cool as I think they are

This gets my vote for best rod of the show... inline 8, dragster rear tires, period perfect front tires, home-made intake and exhaust, Strombergs, real antique liscense plates, cool speedometer etc etc

This just nails the award... a shrunken head in the steering wheel

Love the exhaust and intake

In case you've never seen heavy large metal flake... here ya go

Sorry for the flipped photo, but it's the only way to get a great look at the perfect silhouette shadow

Love the insert for the gauges, nice shape, great chrome

Cool ice chest! Looks like a Von Dutch original (couldn't be)

A Kustom Kulture womens car club? Wow... trying to wrap my mind around that, any chance of an unattached one looking for a muscle car guy?

Don Wang's.. he owns DRW transmission, and that is where I took my last trans for a rebuild. My next one too when I can afford it. I recommend DRW.

If you ever wanted to see a good lace paint job, here ya go