Website that finds cool stuff on Ebay, like 60's cars!

1960 Messerschmitt KR200 bubble car
1972 Mini Clubman Estate
1969 Fiat 500
1963 Triumph Herald
are just a few there recently

Burnout video of the week! A pair of customs at Las Vegas dragstrip


Hello Sweden, Hello Finland!

Hello Argentina, Hello Chile!

Great artists in automotive fine art

for the above two, but look around through all his stuff, it's terrific. Richard Pietruska is a teacher at the Art Center of Design, Pasadena... you've heard about that college, it's the one Chip Foose and Dick Teague went to.

I found him and others from looking at

One artist, Bill Motta, was the art director of Road and Track magazine. He is the V.P. of the Automobile Fine Arts Society and a member of the National Acrylic Painters' Association.

This will have you wanting to take a trip, and then wondering how to raise the money to go

Terrific snapshot of the determined spirit to win

Hurst wheels

Popular Hot Rodding magazine has a great 5 page article on Hurst wheels, but of course they don't have a word of it on their website, so let me recommend you go take a look at the nearest magazine rack, June 2008 issue, page 48

If you have a fortune to spend on a rare car, here's a interesting bunch

They have an unrestored '65 Shelby GT350, but we've all seen them before, however I bet you've never seen the owners manual, I haven't.

Very odd way to treat a Hispano - Suiza

Hispano-Suiza H6B Landaulet
Graham White chose to discard the drophead coupe bodywork and stretch the H6B's wheelbase by 3ft 6in to 15ft 7in. Entering a period of limbo thereafter, it was still in its lengthened, denuded state when acquired by Peter Hampton in 1966. Apparently inspired by a similarly extravagant Lanchester 40hp-based creation (made to order for an Indian potentate) he had the Hispano fitted with a genuine Brewster Landau carriage body that once belonged to the Woolworth family.
Known thereafter as 'Peter's Folly', this unique car is a true child of the 1960s. Finished in black over yellow with varnished wooden wings, its driver's bench and rear postillion seats are trimmed in beige leather, while the landau itself carries beige cloth upholstery (complete with wicker seat bases and embroidered door panels etc). Still sporting a Brewster & Co, Broome St New York plaque, this 'horseless carriage' is further adorned with fork-mounted nickel plated Marchal headlamps, a combination of SPN Scintilla / Toby Baxton Ltd (London) Diver's Bell rear lights, a CAV horn (nearside running board), Boa-type horn (offside running board) and faux ivory dashboard stocked with Hispano-Suiza instruments. Retaining its trademark Flying Stork mascot, the radiator also wears a discreet plaque celebrating the car's participation in the Grand Prix Concours d'Elegance, Monte Carlo 1927. Driven by Mr Van Dijk on the occasion of his daughter's wedding, the H6B is said to handle surprisingly well. Indeed, it has been credited in the past with "a top speed well in excess of 70mph".

Russian May Day parade of military vehicles

Zeel Design choppers

Games to keep your mind off the drive has several, most of them I've never heard of.

I have used the 'farthest state plate' to keep my mind active and looking around, and when on a long drive with someone else the name game is a fun and competitive way to see who can start the next name with the last letter of the previous full name. ie Jack PalancE to Emilio EsteveS to Steven SpielberG to George Burns. This was a great way to waste a lot of time on watch while I was in the Navy too. It gets competitive when someone has to start a name with a X, Y, or V. Yasmine Bleeth was always a good bet.

Name foreign cars from a certain country was a good one too.

What did you use?

Save the date for Encinitas Cruise, June 19

June 19

Rods & Woodies Classic Car Show 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. every third Thursday through Sept. 18, South Coast Highway 101 between H and D streets, Encinitas.
Info: or (760) 943-1950.

ASE cerification test study guide company

Another cool photographer

Technically true

Mattell is the largest car maker in the world, at 5 million toy cars a month.

I like these, but can't recall where I found them

Great all around photographer

Old photography website,

Cars and photograhy, a picture of both my favorite things in one.
1924 Harley used by the Post Office for Special Delivery. Not a chance in a zillion they'd ever buy a Harley nowadays for postal deliveries

WW2 warbirds

I think both of these were from

Edgar's 2+2... immaculate

Cool looking AC controls I've never seen before, looks like they took the controls of a radio and replaced the internals.

1974 GTO... rare red white and blue, gotta give credit for restoring this and bringing it out to car shows

Beautiful GTO

1960 Bonneville 4 door

Magi Cruise?!? No kidding, that was a bonafide approved sales idea? I get it, that it's a early cruise control, and that is very cool! But the name, Magi Cruise? Way too childish. Of course "Wonder Bar" must have came from the same ad agency exec.

This is the strongest looking grab bar I've seen!

This wraparound rear window, wow, that's huge and must be impossible to replace, but what a great view!