A vinyl top to demonstrate the flamboyance of the 70's.

This Grande version of the Stang was the luxuriously appointed model. Big whoopity doo. It looks like a 6 cylinder Stang... nothing interesting on the outside, except the weird print pattern of the vinyl top. This print pattern is nothing compared to the paisley or flower print that Mopar put on some cars. http://www.mooresmopars.com/modmaterial.html http://www.imperialclub.com/Yr/1971/Paisley/
Some of the odd vinyl top choices for mopars were: Black Alligator, Green Floral (Mod Top 1969 Dart/Coronet Only) Walnut Pattern (1970 Only), Paisley (1971 Only), Yellow Floral (Mod Top 1969 Barracuda Only), Mod Yellow (Mod Top 1970 Barracuda Only), Blue and Green Floral (Mod Top 1969 Satellite Only), Mod Blue (Mod Top 1970 Barracuda Only), Gold and Green Floral (Mod Top 1969 Barracuda Only), Tortoise Grain