Great cars at the Encinitas cruise I haven't seen before, I'm very glad I drove up to see!

Filling the engine bay... right on

Just love this, adn dig the vintage 3rd brake light

For cooler photos of this Turnpike cruiser, I'll ask you to wait til I post Tere's photos

I've never seen a Stude like this.. very smooth and cool!

This body shop drew a crowd with this '64 Chevelle Malibu... it seems everyone wants one!

Sadly, I couldn't get the top photo without the reflection of the palm tree seeming to grow out of the scoop

Same colors as my R/T... sweet!

'50 Plymouth Suburban... yeah, long before Chevrolet used the name
Great variation on the sailing ship Mayflower hood ornaments that Plymouth used, and the first time I've ever seen it... there are few 48-63 Plymouths around at car shows. Notice the red woodie above and the dark green convertible below both have the other hood ornament
'50 Plymouth Suburban... yeah, long before Chevrolet use the name

49 Plymouth

Some retro-custom, new Corvette with beautiful porportions