BigLorryBlog was deploring all the old stuff getting bought for scrap. But not where I roam! says that he has been looking at abandoned autos for over a decade.. the stuff he maust have seen that would blow my mind...

'46 Packard

40's Chevrolet factory convertible... gotta be rare, yes?

I'll be back for a better photo, but I was in a hurry, and shot from the street

57 Bel Air wagon.
Mach 1... a 71 or 72 I think
55? I think so
No GTO badges, or any other badges at all.
This DeLorean has been there over a year, and they want to get rid of it.

From 20 feet this looks factory fresh. A bit of rust appears when you look closer
67 or 68 Camaro

No doubt this is cool to find.. but in a shop in the hood? That's where it is, and the Rottweiler isn't happy about me poking the camera lens over the fence to get the shot... my thanks to the maker of big gate holding chain.