Bricked into place, they aren't removable until the walls come down

Any one know whose symbol this is? Comment or email me please at
1955 is the feeling I get, and a neighbor said the story is that these were once in the newspaper business, then became rolling offices for someone with a forklift business
Nothing on the interior or exterior to indicate the manufacturer.
A lot of space inside and the csiling has been very well installed with lots of lights
The speedometer had GMC in the bottom of the V, the air pressure gauge is labeled Bendix Westinghouse thanks to Jean-Yves POMMIER! I didn't scrape off the paint, that was some one who didn't care about the legibility of the ID tag, I would have used liquid stripper.
No parlais vouz... however thanks to Jean-Yves POMMIER I learned that "Frein electro-mécanique is a brake with a dynamo"

Those are cobwebs... some years of them too. And that is all the space to the left, about 2 feet.

The floor felt really solid, like it's cinder blocks like the walls, or cement. It's up tothe very back of this van... and the van is nosed up to the wall in front of it, so unless it slides out nice and sideways, it's there for a loooonnnnggggg time. Porbably the only thing that kept these from getting scrapped is that they are immobilized by the walls around them.