A great collection of rare VW buses! These are some of the rarest you'll see, and sadly I forgot to take notes! I'll have to go back and relearn

1960 Double Cab with drop gates
a 42 horsepower engine would get this 80mph speedometer

With tent tabs, and a cool removable? top, it just came out of Arizona after about 20 years of neglect ( if I recall correctly ) ( I probably am not even close)
1959 Westfalia SO23 model with subhatch, tent, cabinets, closets, table, and full camping setup with auxilliary Eberspracher heater. No radio, no fuel gauge, but it does have a fuel reserve switch to get the last gallon or so out of the fuel tank
a 36 horsepower engine would get this 70mph speedometer
Factory interior, and super rare!

Folds down into a bed, or up for a table seat, the roof section is removable for head clearance... I think I was told. See the section (below photo) in front of the luggage rack?

1965 Sunroof Standard with optional walkthrough, and no skylights