REO Flying Cloud

Amazed at this? I sure am. The ship design makes no sense without learning a lot about REOs that I don't have the time for right now, but it is one really nice etching or wood block looking piece of art. The gauges in this shot are near perfect, clean, and have lasted longer than most houses.
The dome light even has a great base
What a cool medallion. Style in the banner under the silhouette, nice two tone achieved in bas relief, the image is simple and elegant, even the font is nice. Swear to the speed gods I'm gonna make one of these for my R/T and replace the pentastar. The hole is factory placed perfectly! It needs the upgrade, practically calls out for it!
Click on this (or any photo) to get it full size to appreciate the spokes, beautiful! Nice hub cap too! Notice the cylinders under the valve covers... it must help in cooling.
The original jack! After 70 years or so, it's still with the car... wow.
How amazing that they went to this length to make it a better looking car!

I just love finding REOs at the local San Diego car shows, and here is one that has just been brought to San Diego. Just 10 days before the show it was 3 states away! It already has the spokes sanded down and varnished (as one who has sanded on a 1956 Chris Craft Constellation a lot! let me tell you it is rewarding and imminently satisfying) to perfection.
"Reo's Flying Cloud - a name that provoked evocative images of speed and lightness - name changed the way automobiles would be named in the future."