Part of the JBA open house, dyno pulls for demonstration purposes (and it's a blast!)

I was taking this photo when J Bittle walked over, shook my hand and introduced himself. Now that is kinda cool, then he said to me "I bought that in 1975 for 800 bucks" I was so awed at the price and the length of time he's had this, that I forgot to check on the whole 427 in a GT500 rarity.

Get an eyeful... this 4 barrel, no NOS 427 is putting to the ground 550 HP and 550 ft-lbs!
So that makes up my mind, if he can pull 180 more hp from one more cubic inch than my 426, and 124 more ft-lbs... he just found another customer (someday when I can afford to get the 440 rebuilt)