VW, the largest company in the world?

On Oct 30th, in terms of market capitalization, Volkswagen temporarily surpassed ExxonMobil and became the largest company in the world.

For reasons I don't understand, becuase I'm not into financial business matters at a level where I would understand the jargon when put together in sentences of more than 3 words.... "Since Volkswagen had the highest short interest of any stock in the German DAX index (12.9% of float), the result was the mother of all short squeezes. After closing at 210 Euros on Friday, Volkswagen rose above 1,000 Euros in intraday trading and is currently trading at 643 Euros."

It is true, Attu sees all... http://attuworld.com/cars/the-largest-company-in-the-world-volkswagen.html