Tired of having a cookie cutter, belly button, everybody has one that looks just like it Charger?

Try this. Then ask... so, what else ya got?

Finally a nose that is worth the Charger historical name! Love the side coves, rims, shaker hood and hood pins too! The front end they've created just effing nails a look I'd pay for.
The designer’s name is Moshe Field (Danko Reproductions). The shaker and rear spoiler are available now (among other things that he sells for the current Charger). The front fenders and rear QP kit are in the works… they should be available next year, and he’s hoping to have the front clip available by 2010.
Thank you Jeff for starting my day out right!
The illustrations are from Jeff at http://www.smokingrafix.com/
Thread about the development car; with a couple pics of the workshop: http://www.chargerforumz.com/showthread.php?s=17595ea7916c3d09dfda5fbdf584b673&p=381088#post381088