Pirate Monkey Cult member spotted this morning! Thanks for the smiles Zina!

I'm a member too (http://www.piratemonkeycult.org/index.html) , and seeing another in traffic was a great moment that made me happy all day long... it doesn't take much, and to know that what one person shares with others in humor can go a longgg wayyyy ... and still retain all the humor it was made with is a cool thing. I recommend you read all of Zina's stuff (http://www.ducatigirl.com/indexhide.html#) , she's a terrific writer with a great humorous style, and used to be a writer for the Ducati company if I recall correctly.
http://choosingscars.blogspot.com/2007/05/pirate-monkey-cult-member.html for one of my decal locations, the other is on the rolling tool box