The 1936 Stainless Steel Ford

It seems a lot of people forwarded these 4 images in the same email, as they are the only ones everywhere in the first 2 pages of Google search, I want to thank Mike and Randall for emailing it to me!
For a full view of the press brochure of the company that built these cars, see:

Here's the only shot I could find of all 3 models together
and here is the only shot of one of the Stainless Steel t-birds
This is the 1936 Ford Coupe owned by Allegheny Ludlum Steel.
This is 1 of only 4 in existence and is the only one currently in running & in roadworthy condition. The car is in exceptional condition, with the interior and even the frame looking great. All 4 cars each had over 200,000 miles on them before they removed them from service.
These cars were built for Allegheny as promotional and marketing projects. The top salesmen each year were given the honor of being able to drive them for one year. The v-8 engine (max 85 hp) ran like a sewing machine and was surprisingly smooth and quite.
FYI, the car was insured (we were told) for the trip to Louisville via covered trailer for 1.5 million dollars. The dies were ruined by stamping the stainless car parts, making these few and then unable to make more.
More information can be found at Allegheny Ludlum’s website:

One is at the John Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, along with the first Bantam Jeep, a vintage fire truck, a Conestoga Wagon and a PCC Trolley.