Breakfast at Balboa.... it was a good showing this morning and is the company who has the Boombox truck, once built for Coca Cola of Las Vegas, it passed beyond their promotional uses, and was up for sale on Ebay I think... then the owner of found it, outfitted it with new electronics, and can use it for events. If you call them, ask for DJ Restless (Chris) and the boombox truck, the AAV company is in Miramar.
Great custom use for a wagon, this is brilliant!

I took these two shots to demonstrate the different look from the last design, to the new retro design. I like the bottom photos/ design far more. It gives a distinct look instead of the cookie cutter look applied to the Ford Tempo, Taurus, Thunderbird... etc etc

It doesn't show in the photo unless you compare it to the Vette behind it, but that is one BIG benz, and it also surprized me that it's a convertible

I was really liking the red vs blue, one stripe vs two, muscle/sports vs mini

Sorry for the over saturated red, but the red color isn't captured well with the digital cameras (3 of them) I've used. It's a little about sunlight, a little about Red, and a little about digital conversion of a red image (tv's have a problem with this too)

the yellow one is mine

for more info, map to the location, and when the next will be when it get announced :