1970 440 6 pack Shaker hoodscoop 'Cuda... has already been sold and is now getting detailed. I know...., I said that curse word too.

You won't see another photo, ever, with a 1970 440 six pack 'Cuda and a '71 401 AMX

this is the 1970 Chrysler cast iron 6 pack manifold, which is about twice as heavy as the Edelbrock aluminum manifold that was the special 1969 1/2 option that put the "6 pack" in the American lexicon

Various parts removed for detailing and refreshening

This original spare, has no miles on it. Factory air from Detroit compressors is still waiting inside, wondering if it'll ever escape

It was a consignment car at http://www.musclecarsandiego.com/ and it's new owner is one fortunate son