Chip Foose

Some years from now Chip foose will be recognized as a brilliant businessman, and 2ndly for his fantastic career of designs. He is the youngest to ever be inducted in to the Hot Rod Hall Of Fame, 7 time winner of the AMBR award, 3 time Ridler award, and 6 time Good Guys Street Rod of the Year award.

He went through the prestigious Art School College of Design, which is in Pasadena Ca. and which has had teachers like Ansel Adams, and graduates like designers Dick Teague (GM and AMC), Thomas Kinkade, and Syd Mead (Bladerunner, Aliens, and Tron).

Later he worked for Boyd Coddington as a part time designer and for J Mays (designer of the new Beetle and the retro Thunderbird), then went full time for Boyd, eventually becoming president and designer for Hot Rods by Boyd. Since Boyd is impossible for most everyone to work for (see any episode of American Hot Rod) and the business was on the edge of bankruptcy, soon went solo, and then made himself a household name for the Discovery channel show Overhaulin, and the many featured vehicle teamups for Mustangs, Camaro's, Challengers, Boydster II's. etc.