Orange County Choppers' Paul Sr

I really admire the way Paul does business, creates, and is a great dad. Even more, that he's a car guy that goes beyond his passion for all the choppers he's built, designed, and loved. Fortunate guy. His business "Orange County Choppers" has been a fixture of a TLC show "American Chopper", in which he and his sons and crew design and build works of art and performance. Terrific show, very enjoyable and recommended as a family show, an art show, a comedy, and a car guy show.

Rolling across the auction block are a few cars owned by Paul Sr and Jr.
Sr is featured in Muscle Car Review I think for his collection, and here are a few that went up for auction... 68 Hemi Charger the Chopper they built to accompany the Hemi Charger 1960 Fuelie Corvette Convertible the accompaning chopper the Eleanor accompaning chopper