1 of 1 Hemi car

A Belvedere I stationwagon, ordered to use as a tow car for a drag racer. I noticed that guys who put together the list of rarest musclecars didn't mention it. Hmmm. http://choosingscars.blogspot.com/2007/01/rarest-musclecars-hmmm.html#links


Last years Barrett Jackson auction lists this result, but it may not be the station wagon.
979.1 1966 Plymouth Hemi Belvedere I , 2 Door Post $71,280.00

"The Hemi was available only in the GTX in 1967, unlike the previous year when it could theoretically be installed in any Belvedere. Some sources claim that the Hemi was available across the Belvedere line in 1967 as it was in '66. (One Hemi, in fact, was actually factory installed in a 1966 Coronet four-door sedan!)
A good number of 1966 buyers went for all-go-and-no-show, spending their hard earned cash on a Hemi engine installed in a lowly stripped-down two-door sedan body. To get the same engine in 1967, the buyer had to pay for the fancy GTX body. This situation left many "little guys" out in the cold, hemi wise. Thus, while 1510 Hemi-powered Belvederes were sold in 1966, only 125 were produced in 1967. The availability of the 440 took away some Hemi sales; the lack of a low-bucks body took the rest. This problem Plymouth would address with a vengeance in 1968. (Hint? "Beep-Beep!")
There was, in fact, one non-GTX Hemi-powered Plymouth available in 1967. Not many were seen because it was sold only to select drag racing teams. It featured lightweight front end components and a higher output hemi engine. Although designed strictly for off-street use, some of the cars did, according to some reports, did appear on the streets. "