A factory four door Hemi Dodge? One of 5 made, never heard of them before.

This may be the world's rarest 426-Hemi car.
Approximately 11,000 cars were made with the 426 Hemi. All of those cars were 2 door cars, except for 5 cars.

That's 10,995 street racers and 5 four doors... hmmm.

One went to Canada, one for export. Of 3 sold in the US, one is in the Ocala Florida museum of Big Daddy Don Garlits, and this one went for.... $660,000.

Definitely a sleeper. What in the world else would this be used for?

ANSWER: Thanks to http://www.classiccar.com/garage/blog/index.php?/archives/154-1966-Hemi-Coronet-Four-Door.html Ted's Garage, posted by Todd Jensen, who did more homework than I did.... and links to a Mopar Muscle article which said that the FBI ordered two for towing and field service (really? a freaking hemi? Whoa. Think they have kept up with muscle cars and now have Vipers?) but the FBI didn't like the maintenance factor and sold them off to civilians, hence the one getting into the Big Daddy Don Garlits Museum in Ocala Fla.