a variety of interesting things found while browsing through the library online photos

George B. Selden in his first automobile, patented 1895... but marked 1877 because that was the year he made it.
a photo of the first automobile

 1886 Benz
 1903 Olds Pirate, a one cylinder special race car that held a record for the one mile speed record
 1904 curved dash Olds
 1907 sports racer

 1906 Stanley
 Suposed to be the first limo in America
 J. M. Quinby & Company; Builders of aluminum automobile bodies 1909
I noticed the odd sign above the storefront "Automobile Jobbers"

 1944 east 138th street ... and that truck bed in the bottom of the photo looks handmade, and put into the rumble seat area... was the neat trick to shift a car classification during fuel rationing during WW2 from car to commercial truck and then it could get more gas more often if I recall correctly.. and this is a 1944 photo

Electric car about 1905, on the charger in the garage
 the caption on the side says "Brooklyn Auto Graveyard"
 Stuck in a mud hole (DEEP one) in Texas 1919
The Czar leaving the racecourse at Krasnoe Selo, in his 40 horse-power Delaunay Belleville in 1909

Above racing at Indy
Above and below, racing at Ormand Beach

Barney Oldfield in the advertising
the trophys from the 1908 Prince Henry tour
1922 advertisement
the caption to the above drawing seems to be "When Greek meets Greek" and I don't understand it
this advertisement was captioned "his Herreshoff car"

 The Pullman car Palmyra
 Tenth Avenue and 29th Street, Manhattan. December 23, 1935

found while searching around at http://digitalgallery.nypl.org/nypldigital