hodge podge of autos that caught my attention

 I missed noting on this photo what this car is.
 Billie Burke in San Francisco's Presidio Park drving her Studebaker
 Dodge... with a chauffer? In a Dodge? Really?
 Henry Ford in his first automobile
 1927 Holland Tunnel in New York
 New York hot dog stand 1935 in Manhattan
 a safety idea that didn't stick
 1909 flight of the Wright brothers... but look at the elegant horse carriage
 Lady Astor, a parliament member in  England and her Terraplane
 a Packard 12, 7 passenger limo
 Panhard and Levassor
 This Supercharged Graham 120 won over 4 other v8 autos in a contest to win the favor of this fire dept chief

 REO Flying Cloud
 The first Oldsmobile, 1896

A Winton stripped down for racing
all found while browsing through http://digitalgallery.nypl.org/