I found a new website that solves car identification mysteries, Autopuzzles.com

this was the mystery car, and I knew it was in 1910, and in Paris

So after registering (this is such bullshit... you have to confirm about 4 ways that you aren't a spam computer) you can quick and easy put up a photo and ask for help. It was less than 12 hours before they took my simple creampuff problem car, and told me where the photo was taken, posted 2 more photos of the car show it was a part of, and told me the make, model, and coachbuilder that made this crazy windshield design. Gotta appreciate people that know their business. http://www.autopuzzles.com/
I think their registration is nonsense bullshit, but they got the info and are happy to help. Gotta respect that

The info on this auto is that it was at the 1910 Salon de l'automobile, and it's a 80CV Pipe with a body by Kellner. Kellner is most famous for the Bugatti Royale coachwork http://www.coachbuild.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=10157

Pipre (or maybe Pieper) was a belgian carmaker from the early 20th century,
In 1907, over 300 cars of the types 28, 50 and 80 CV were sold. Because of this, Pipe became one of the largest Belgian car manufacturers, they were not only sold in Belgium they were exported to many different countries.
During the first world war, the factory was partly destroyed.