Art of the automobile (not car) examples of the race cars and advertising of the first 1/4 of the 20th century from

 This was a jab at the outspoken nut reactionists who didn't want the automobiles to be legal and on the same roads as the horse and carriages. Auto's were loud, fast, and unknown. Sorta the same reaction that Rock and Roll of the 50's, and hot rodders of the 40's had to deal with. So when the Sportsman in the above image asked about the motorist killing anything it was indicating the conservative notion of the old folks that autos were going to wantonly kill pedestrians, horses, and whatever else was in it's way. Maybe there was a thread of truth, because no one was familiar with engines, gasoline, batteries, and powerful cars... all dangerous, explosive, and in the hands of people with zero experience with the dangers of each.

 The above is the artwork of Stephan Marjoram, a fantastic photographer I've posted the work of before, I recommend you follow this link to the 2nd page, and see the awesome photos Stephan posted I didn't know he was such a really damn good artist, but he is.