Some cool, some unusual, a couple Hollywood stars even... all with motorcycles, bicycles, brass era cars too. Even a photo of Bonneville

Those wonderful 3 Stooges, the bike is a Crocker Scoutabout 1941
This is something I've never seen

Notice the old spelling of "Authorised"  and the Zephyr V12

Halfway from the original sidecars that were designed to be riden in, to the flat pads that are used for racing
The above pennyfarthing has that unusual design of the Star Safety , and is in clear contrast to the below common design

1930 Bohmerland 600

someone really wants that motorcycle in the country

The first big dog motorcycle?
1910, the first chopper? Probably

Canoe sidecar
A dual rear mount sidecar
Charles Lindbergh on an Excelsior

English tricar

How long do you suppose he had those stupid handlebars before someone laughed at him?

Fire truck... not the first I've posted, but the better of the two