1885 to 1929 interesting cars

 1885 horseless carriages in Russia
 1893 Haynes with E. Haynes in both photos. It was the first successful automobile in America

 1901 Franklin
 1902 Cadillac
 1904 Caddilac
 1907 Isotta Fraschini (really shiny paint)
 1908 Ford, the first model T
 1916 Studebaker landaulet roadster (I've got thought that a roadster can't be a landaulet, and vice versa)
 1925 Lincoln club roadster with body by LeBaron
 1925 Locomobile
1929 Studebaker with Neysa McMein (great first name) she was a designer at Studebaker
Found digging through the photos at http://digitalgallery.nypl.org/