1913 Pope Hartford

and more remarkable, that gentleman on the far side of the car, with the white motorist jacket... was one of the team that found and brought the Peerless down from the mountain http://choosingscars.blogspot.com/2008/07/old-man-of-mountain.html 

 Have you ever seen as many of the early brass registration tags on one vehicle? I haven't! I've never seen more than one. The one on the far right indicates (and the owner told me) that this was used as a bus... tourist type, from Tonopah to Goldfield I think he said.. they are Nevada towns that were the hub of the goild rush between 1900 and 1902 http://www.rockhounds.com/rockgem/articles/tonopah_goldfield.html
 the above and one of the below are this same car, the one on the far left below is a Pope race car