Want to join a motorcycle gang, but not sure where to find the right one? Ken at Spotmotorcycles.com did the research for you (funny)

Are you a proud Jewish biker? We've got you covered. Got a mean streak and hail from the great island nation of New Zealand? You'll find like-minded friends below. Love to do good deeds and can rattle off every entrée at The Olive Garden? We've found you a home.

Browse each group and find the one that best suits you. Direct links to each club are provided so you can start working on your application ASAP.

There are the Granny's only, the Samurai only, the East Bay Dragons (blacks only Harleys only), South Korean, Native American, (Nuns) sisters of the Muskegon Motorcycle gang, the Hillel's Angels (Jewish only), Black Power MC in New Zealand (Maori only), the Australian Notorious (Muslim only)

It's a good read, and often funny: http://www.spotmotorcycles.com/offbeat-motorcycle-clubs/