Retro Rides Awards 2010 Nominations Please

It is that time of the year again.

Retro Rides is taking nominations in the following categories :

Thread Of The Year 2010
Car Of The Year 2010
RR Build Thread of The Year 2010
Most Anticipated RR Car 2011
Website Of The Year 2010
Best Blog 2010
Best Photo 2010
RR Photographer Of The Year 2010
Show Of The Year 2010
Forum Person Of The Year 2010
Best Magazine 2010
Readers Other Modification 2010

Some notes :
As ever Retro Rides and The Gathering are not eligable for their relevant categories (website and show) due to the fact they would clearly win and it wouldn't really be a fair award

We've slimmed down the photography categories this year, we'll see how the nominations go on those in case we need to expand back out.

We have a Best Car and a Build Thread of the year, these are obviously not the same thing, as we have some excellent build threads and I feel they deserve some recognition. Similarly with the new Readers Other Modifications category, there is some great stuff in there, so go and have a hunt through (that could be awarded to a great thread or a cool build).

For Website of the year nominations please pick websites that are at least 90% car related .. reddit and ebay are great websites,.. but that isn't really what this category is for, but I trust you guys (and we will trim the nominations down the relevant stuff if needs be).

It is very easy to forget some of the great threads, and some of the people that repeatedly contribute cool stuff (for forum person of the year) so it might be worth checking out the facebook status updates : Facebook page also some of the threads still on the front page of the main site (if it decides to work today )...

Nominations will close early December, best thing to do is quote the post and put your nominations next to those that you are nominating for. If it is a thread or a car PLEASE put a link if you can, it helps us massively when we come to create the polls.

2010 has be a great year for RR, it has grown in size, we've had some excellent builds and some really great contributions to our little world, so a massive thank you to everyone that has contributed.

So head over to and let them know what you like.

Good luck with figuring out favorite photo, and unless you read everything Retro Rides puts out, there's no way to put in your favorite Retro Ride build thread, Retro Ride forum person of the year, and Retro Ride photographer ... but it looks like they are relaxed about skipping anything you don't want to answer, so if you are looking to share your favorites hit them up.

I think that it's great to look through the results, and see what people nominated so I can look at great stuff I've never heard of before. You find really cool stuff that way