4 years ago I started this blog

It's been a lot of fun, and more rewarding than you probably imagine.

From the time I started til now I've had a lot of banner photos across the top, and used to change it frequently until some new photo impressed me more... until I came across that red '32 blasting across El mirage in 1947. That will be the one you see the most, nothing else seems to capture the spirit of being a car guy quite like the early lake bed racers that made their hot rods at home, or with the help of car club buddies and early speed shops. It was all ingenuity and pioneering spirit.

I've posted about 6300 things, and in about 900 categories that you can access by using the labels on the right hand side of your screen, but I have yet to go all the way through the archives and and label every post... I only started the label system 2 years ago, and it will take an enormous amount of time to go back through the whole blog.

I went through all of them a couple of times, just to find my favorite stories, posts, and photos, and you can look through that abbreviated list here:

In the past couple of years I've added a couple widgets that track statistics, and have learned that each year the number of hits each day seem to double, the number of followers doubles, and the number of things I post seems to stay about the same at between 13 to 16 hundred.

In the first couple of years I didn't know how to do much with blogger, and in just the past two years have learned several cool features like embedding videos, and labeling posts.

The number of blogs I link to hasn't grown much in the last 3 years, because those 80 or so sites are still the best I've found that post the things I like.

This past calendar year has been surprising and notable relating to peer recognition and impressing others, and due to others liking what I've done here I was able to make my mom proud. Yup, that was very cool. She isn't one of us computer types, and has spent maybe a total of 15 minutes in her whole life in front of a computer. Hasn't even emailed, but was very happy to see that she did a good job raising me and that I turned out all right, and succeeded at something even though she might not understand what this is, or why my blog has become regarded as a favorite for so many people. But mom may have started my enthusiasm and passion for vehicles when she gave me a hot wheels corvette when I was about 6. From such humble origins!

If you want to look at the whole blog, you can use the archives column on the right hand side of the screen... and then at the bottom of each page just look for "Older posts" or "newer posts" and click on them to move through all the stuff I've posted. Sorry that I haven't been able to spend the time to make sure all the links still work.