Definite advantage to being able to reach all your engine compartment, and if you've got a tall truck, you might want to consider this, the Elevator

See where his feet are? That's step one, then look at his right hand, that's the lever
It hooks in place, and you are then hovering over the engine bay, able to work without straining your knees backward, or your lower back

I saw the demo guys in action, and sorry that the still photos don't really convey the ease of motion it takes to get comfortable horizontally in place over what would be your vehicle, but it was simple and just two steps to not hurting yourself while spending hours working over your engine.
Their website:

the ‘Elevator’ has a definite benefit in all automotive repair shops, most certainly in shops that service light duty trucks, SUV’s, 4x4’s, etc. This specialty tool was designed by industry professionals, for use by tradesmen and hobbyists alike. We hope that you too will see the benefits of the ‘Elevator’ in your organization also.

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