A recreation of the Munster's coach was brought to the LA Roadster show by George Barris (they say it is original.. it isn't)

I'm going on record as saying it's not the original Munster's Coach, why? Well Jack Roush wasn't making intakes and air filter tops in the 1960's, and this recreation has one.

More importantly, the photos of the original show that it had a squeeze horn on the drivers side a piullar, and no side mirrors. Also, the head lights had more decorative ornamentation on the tops ... see for yourself: http://choosingscars.blogspot.com/2009/03/munsters-dragula-car.html plus the spiders in the window corners are missing. So what is original about this recreation ?

Most obvious is the wrong shifter handle, the original had a ball at the end of a long curved handle, it ended between the driver and passenger about chest high, looked really long and off proportion