has a cool variety of car and aircraft photos, here's a couple

1910 Fiat S76, the beast of turin, 28.3 liter engine

Cord 810 & Norwegian figure skater Sonja Henie 1936

What happened to the high level of restroom cleanliness as the high priority? Former First lady Eleanor Roosevelt once toured the US inspecting them, and that is quite a feat of publicity!

Showing an obsolete public facility, the motordrome. Motordrome racer on an Excelsior motorcycle 1914

1967 Autorama I think, photo by Margery Krevsky

The Overland Train Mark II, Yuma proving ground, Arizona

P51 small scale in aerodynamics research and developement

1944, a Corsair

Boeing 2707-300 1966 full scale mockup

XB 70 Valkyrie