The design appeared so Hanna Barbera to the owners, they call it "Wilma"

I got an email from John that I want to share,

"a car I found on Craigslist last summer. Well worth the wait and the drive to pick it up. The lines are so Hanna Barberic that we named her Wilma. We have a matching 2 door sedan that we decided to call.... Fred . I don't know if this car is rare enough to interest you, but it is the first one I have seen. She spent the Sixties in Hollywood then moved to Pittsburg in 1970 to rest in a small garage under the gentleman's house. "

"One evening I randomly typed '61 Valiant into Google and this Craigslist ad came up for an estate sale in Pittburg. The fellow apparently bought the car used in 1962 from a Ford dealership there then moved to California in early 1963. Living in Hollywood until around 1970 the radiator was changed somewhere during this time. They must have topped it up with water because the first winter back in Pa. the block cracked from the frozen coolant inside. The car then resided in a small garage under his house until his passing."

Can you believe that the guy had his garage storing a car for 40 years and never got that car running or sold?