I found the portfolio of an incredible photographer, James Haefner, here are a couple to entice you with, go to his website for his portfolio

See all of his incredible work (about 40 superb photos in the Automotive Vintage section)
and more in the other sections if you also like automotive advertising, architectural, and etcetera
1930 Duesenburg detail

Bucciali doorhandle detail

Panhard Levassor

The factory 1967 test GTX that is famous for the great lengths that Chrylser Research and Development engineers went through to make the Silver Bullet (a name coined by Ro McGonegal and the Car Craft story specifically) nothing less than a factory-backed car purpose-built for STREET RACERING on Woodward Avenue; running 10.60s at 132 mph
or read Car Craft's write up (good one!) and full gallery http://www.carcraft.com/featuredvehicles/906_1967_plymouth_belvedere_gtx/index.html

The street car converted into a diner at the Henry Ford Museum

All of these photos courtesy and permission of James Haefner PhotographyPortfolio: http://www.haefnerphoto.com/
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1960 Thunderbird
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