You won't see many '64-'66 Imperials in So cal for sale, the upcoming movie "the Green Hornet" needed 29 built

Seth Rogen (who is the lead in the movie The Green Hornet) unveiled one at the 2009 Comic-con for the video, but a full gallery of photos are here:
The original was built by icon Dean Jefferies.

Dennis McCarthy is the picture car coordinator (just 6 years of doing this so far) in Hollywood that made the cars used during filming the last two The Fast and the Furious movies, which he had over a $7 million dollar budget on just Tokyo Drift

and now he's building the Green Hornet "Black Beauty" Imperials.
29 of them.

great interview with Dennis here: which is the same as the one here, but with a different writer claiming credit for the writing... odd.