Very cool redesigning of vehicles as if they are all round and can hover, brilliant. The tank track is under it, so is the stage coach wagon wheel

'49 Ford?
metro bus
cop car like the 49 Ford
58 Pontiac?
49 Ford and a Vespa?
Checker cab, 49 Ford, and ? blue Jaguar?
Several on a Woodie

Not sure about the brown one, or the grey nosed one, then there's the green VW, and a turquoise Cadillac tail
Checker, not sure, Cadillac, that blue Jag? Or Austin? green 61 Chevy? and wonderful iconic yellow school bus
The cool Caddy

Love the Kombi / VW micro bus

The VW bug

Not sure about this TV camera crew car

The military Jeep and other military vehicles

The gas stations

The cool tanks